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AMP Medical Transcription (Online)
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AMP Medical Transcription (Online)


with Academy of Medical Professions

Medical Transcription is a desired field for many people trying to work at home.  Strong typing, computer, and English grammar skills are essential.  Medical terminology, formats, rules and regulations, jobs, calculation of pay, confidentiality, and tricks of the trade, all equipment, reference books, and course books are provided with the course fee.  Classes are online for 16 weeks, with a completion of 16 weeks to 6 months options. 

This is a State Certified program, and you will receive a Certificate of Completion and Letter of Recommendation upon graduation, and help with resumes and how to obtain a job are covered in this program.  Program includes Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, and transcription.  The fee includes everything for the course and the field.  Required: typing skills above 60 WPM, Microsoft Word proficient. Payment plans are available.  Online anytime, self-paced.

Please download this information package about the Medical Transcriptionist Program, stop by our center in Ellsworth to pick one up, or request that one be mailed to you.  It will answer many questions you might have.  Don't hesitate to reach out to the Academy of Medical Professions directly after reviewing the information package linked above.  Please go to their website for their phone number and to explore all their course offerings. 

Ellsworth Adult & Community Education is here to ensure your readiness and success by providing logistical, academic, and social emotional support during this online experience. We will help you through the enrollment process and provide local support during the course. Our services are available at no cost to you.  If you'd like to schedule an individual appointment with one of our career advisors to learn more, please call 207.664.7110 or email to schedule a phone, ZOOM or in-person appointment.

Breath-Taking 101


with Carole Freeman

Life is easier when you breathe easier. It’s estimated that 85% of us unknowingly use some type of poor breathing pattern that’s connected to feeling sick and tired. This class has helped many people feel healthier and stronger simply by learning to switch their every-day breathing to a more beneficial pattern.  This is a self-paced on-demand course. 

Breath-Taking: A Female Advantage


with Carole Freeman

This comprehensive guide to women’s fitness and wellness teaches you how to use knowledge about your female body to exercise smarter, breathe deeper, boost your metabolism, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and improve your endurance and performance.

You will learn how to:

  • optimize your breathing pattern to increase oxygen delivery to your muscles and brain;
  • adjust your exercise intensity and duration to match your hormonal cycle; and
  • prevent common injuries and imbalances that affect women.  

This is a self-paced on-demand course. 

Breath-Taking: Female Pain Matters


with Carole Freeman

This class is a woman’s guide to understanding and managing pain.  Learn how women experience pain differently from men, and discover how your hormones, nervous system, breathing patterns, and other factors affect the way your body perceives and responds to pain. You will also explore some strategies to cope with pain and improve your well-being.

This course is designed to be informative, engaging, and empowering for all women who want to understand their pain better.   This is a self-paced on-demand course. 

Breath-Taking: High Altitude Vacationing


with Carole Freeman

Don’t spoil your trip to a higher altitude - condition your body first. People often feel short of breath, light-headed and fatigued at higher altitudes because their bodies work harder, while taking in less oxygen. Anxiety increases and your enjoyment decreases.

You’ll have more energy, feel better and enjoy your trip when you condition your body first to increase oxygenation and endurance. Do the same preparation that elite athletes do with this at home, 4-week, self-paced course, even if you live at sea level.  This is a self-paced on-demand course. 

Breath-Taking: The Female Brain on Stress


with Carole Freeman

This course is designed to help women understand how stress affects them differently than men.  It explains how women’s brains are wired to react to physical danger and life-threatening situations, and how this can impact their perception of reality and stress responses.

The course also provides insights into how women can use their unique talents to approach stress in a healthy way.  This is a self-paced on-demand course. 

Medical Terminology-The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System


with Kandy Siahaya

The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ is the fastest and most effective method to learn medical terminology!  It works in conjunction with the natural learning process of the brain by converting abstract medical elements into images of real and familiar objects - and then associating those images with the subject in such a way that it is incredibly easy to learn and remember. 

You will learn how to remember the anatomical names and locations of all the major parts in each principal system of the body, including all 206 bones of the skeletal system, and structures of the eye and ear. This skill will provide you with a powerful knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology.  

The success of this advanced instructional system is the result of over 30 years of continued research, development, testing, and classroom validation.  

How the learning process works:  Audionyms are an essential component in the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™.  The meaning of an audionym is broken down to "audio" which means sound and "nym" which means name. These audionyms are sound-alike or key words that you can see for a word you want to remember. By changing what you want to know into audionyms, you’ll learn and remember far more than you ever thought possible. You are asked to not take any notes during the presentations.  A workbook is included in the course. 

This is a self-paced (asynchronous) online course than be completed in as little as 14 hours, but is available to you for one year.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course.  The course facilitator, Kandy Siahaya has over 25 years of experience as a medical transcriptionist and she will be available by phone or email to support you as needed.  

This course is not a certificate program but the necessity of having the tangible skill of medical terminology knowledge is preferred, if not required, in many administrative positions in the healthcare field. Having this knowledge not only improves patient experience and safety, but also provides more effective care. 

Please watch this video to see how it works!! Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology for Students  

Please find the course outline here: Medical Terminology-The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System-Kandy Siahyaya

Trying to Quit Tobacco or Vaping?


with Julie Daigle Healthy Acadia

One of the hardest things to do is to quit using tobacco products. Many harmful chemicals found in tobacco and vaping liquids, including nicotine and menthol, are highly, physically addictive or serve to boost the addictiveness of tobacco.  The habit of use itself can become emotionally and behaviorally addictive. As well as the stresses of addiction, other factors such as fear of withdrawal, overall life stress, living with smokers and nicotine users, social norms that minimize the harms of nicotine addiction, weight gain, and fear of failure can make it challenging to quit using tobacco products. Many times it takes more than one try. If you are ready to quit tobacco for good and you'd like to find out about local and statewide support available to you, sign up confidentially for this interest list and you’ll receive information about tools and resources to assist you in taking this important step for your health.

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