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Brewing: Basics for the Aspiring Home-Brewer


with Jon Stein

Calendar Mar 3, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 2 weeks

Discover the centuries-old art of brewing beer with a hands-on, interactive sensory approach. We'll cover the basics: sourcing ingredients and equipment, recipe building, brewing technique and methodology, beer styles and approaches, troubleshooting and off-flavors, and the craft, science, and magic behind it all! We'll brew an example beer as a class, taking it through all the necessary steps from brew-day to bottling-day during the course of our syllabus, and will encourage students to brew their own batches at home using the techniques learned. *Note: The class sessions are two weeks apart for time to complete the fermentation cycle. You will bring home two bottles of beer. You must be at least 21 years old to register for this class. No class 03/10/20; makeup class (if needed) 03/24/20.

Comic Books: Telling Stories in Words and Images


with Carmine Leighton

Calendar Mar 3, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 4 weeks

Explore storytelling through comic book creation. Comic books, in recent years, have become widely regarded in the adult world media. You will learn a short history of comic books and explore the mechanics of construction. We will also experiment with creative elements of storytelling through words and pictures. There is no right or certain way to create a comic, and this is your story to tell, how you choose, by creating a 3-4 page story utilizing several techniques of traditional comic formatting. We will practice several styles of drawing techniques, as well as experiment with comic and cartooning tools used in the industry. This class is technology-free but if you choose to work on your personal computers with application and stylus, the instructor is open to exploring that as well. No experience necessary, we?re here to learn and have fun! Please bring to each class an idea, even an inkling of an idea, for a comic book story that you would like to create. Consider one or two characters, real or imagined, that you want to feature in the comic. If you have supplies that you would like to work with, please feel free to bring them. The materials are provided as part of the registration fee. Makeup class (if needed) 03/31/20.

Advanced Watercolor (Session 2)


with Melissa Rioux

Calendar Mar 23, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 6 weeks

This class will cover portraits, landscape and still-life painting. Come prepared with a personal project or goal that Melissa can help bring to fruition. Students will engage with a critique at the beginning of each class and are encouraged to do homework (purely fun-based). No class 04/20/20; Makeup class (if needed) 05/11/20.

Supply List

Your painting kit and paper

Drafting or masking tape

Masking fluid

Acrylics for Beginners


with Melissa Rioux

Calendar Mar 25, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 6 weeks

Acrylics for Beginners Learn the basics of working with acrylic paint and color mixing. Much like the beginners? watercolor class, students will learn basic color theory and the properties of this water-based paint. Students will make a color wheel, three color studies using grids and shapes, and experiment with manipulating the media to paint a portrait/self portrait or a still-life composition. No class 04/22/20; makeup class (if needed) 05/13/20.

Supply List

Acrylic Paints: Alizarin crimson, cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow and lemon yellow, cobalt and ultramarine blue or cerulean, viridian green, titanium white, mars or ivory black, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, raw umber;

Brushes (assortment): filbert, round (size 3, 6, 8), 1/2" flat;

Disposable palette paper (or some type of palette);

Medium palette knife;

Canvases or clay boards (4);

Pad of Bristol vellum or heavy multimedia paper (watercolor paper works);

Water jar, pencils, masking tape or drafting tape, and

a small spray bottle for water.

Melissa suggests that this list is ideal. If all are not affordable, bring what you have to the first class and she'll review supplies. Supplies are available for purchase online (, at AC Moore and Hobby Lobby in Bangor, and Shirley's Yarns & Crafts in Hancock (10% discount for Adult Education students).

What About the Photos?


with Ann Sargent

Calendar Apr 17, 2020 at 1:30 pm

Now that photos are digital no one prints them out anymore.  Learn the very basics about how to transfer photos from your camera or phone to your computer, how to access them on your computer and send them to friends and family and/or  to be printed.  All computers and devices are different, so this workshop will share the general processes.  Basic computer skills, including hardware and software basics as well as email are required for this workshop. At the first session you’ll learn what hardware, if any, you should bring to the second session if you want to do some hands on work (computer, camera or other photo device, connecting cords, and thumb drive are all helpful).  No class 04/24/20; makeup class (if needed) 05/08/20.

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