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Ellsworth Adult Education

Personal Enrichment



with Melissa Rioux

Calendar Oct 4, 2017 at 6 pm, runs for 6 weeks

Learn the basics of working with acrylic paint and color mixing. Much like the beginners’ watercolor class, students will learn basic color theory and the properties of this water-based paint. Students will make a color wheel, three color studies using grids and shapes, and experiment with manipulating the media to paint a portrait/self portrait or a still life composition.  Melissa Rioux spent 10 years in New York teaching and writing arts curriculum for children and adults. She is an artist and jeweler devoted to the transformative power art can have to improve the world. Makeup class (if needed) 11/15/2017.

Course materials are available for purchase online, at AC Moore in Bangor, and Shirley’s Yarns & Crafts in Hancock (10% discount for Adult Ed students).

Supply List

Acrylic Paints: Alizarin crimson, cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow and lemon yellow, cobalt and ultramarine blue or cerulean, viridian green, titanium white, mars or ivory black, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, raw umber;

Brushes (an assortment): Filbert, round (size 3, 6, 8), 1/2” flat;

Disposable palette paper (or some type of palette);

Medium palette knife;

Canvases or clay boards (4);

Pad of Bristol vellum or heavy multimedia paper (watercolor paper works);

Water jar, pencils, masking tape or drafting tape, anda small spray bottle for water.

Melissa suggests that this list is ideal. If all are not affordable, bring what you have to the first class and she’ll review supplies.


Course will run

America's Boating Course


with Scott Miller

Calendar Oct 21, 2017 at 8 am, runs for 1 week

This day-long workshop is designed to familiarize students with the fundamentals of safe boating. The course covers safety equipment, trip planning, navigation rules and aids, state and federal regulations, anchoring, dealing with adverse conditions and emergencies, communications, trailering, and knots and lines. The course also introduces navigation and the use of charts - important information on determining where you are and how to safely go where you wish. The information is useful for users of all sorts of watercraft (power, sail, paddle) and for both ocean and freshwater boating. The course includes an examination for certification for states that require operator licenses. This course is sponsored by the United States Power Squadrons. Students who take the course and pass the exam will be offered a free 6-month membership in United States Power Squadrons. Scott Miller is an avid sailor and racer. He has rigorous practical and safety training in the UK and US, and holds a Yachtmaster Offshore certification. Makeup class (if needed) 11/04/17.

Student manuals are required and will be available at the Ellsworth Adult Ed Office after 10/13/17; as this is a one-day course, there is required reading to be done before the day of class. The manuals are $30.00 (may be shared) and there is an additional $10.00 per person fee payable to PBSPS, both to be paid when picking up the manual. These costs are in addition to the Adult Education registration fee.



with Linda Penkalski

Calendar Oct 11, 2017 at 7 pm, runs for 5 weeks

Maine has some of the darkest skies East of the Mississippi River. Learn how to “read the night sky” as you identify the seasonal constellations, the phases of the moon and visible planets. At least one session will be spent outdoors studying the night sky. If the sky is clear the first session, wear warm clothes, sturdy shoes and bring a flashlight! Saturn is visible in the Western sky in the early evening. No class 11/08/2017; makeup class (if needed) 11/29/2017.

 Linda was a high school science teacher/guidance counselor for 40 years.

Basic Computer Skills Certificate Program
Registration Unavailable

Basic Computer Skills Certificate Program


with Vanessa Richards

Calendar Sep 28, 2017 at 3 pm, runs for 12 weeks

More and more jobs require computer skills and some employers require all job seekers to apply online for jobs. Many jobs require employees to know how to use email, search the internet, create documents, and handle other digital literacy tasks. Ellsworth Adult Education has partnered with NorthStar Basic Computer to teach digital literacy skills and document mastery by awarding certificates while also preparing the next steps for your career path. Join this self-paced learning lab to learn basic computer skills. The initial assessment determines the skills and knowledge you need to design a program to meet your own needs. Your advisor will work with you to set up a program. To earn a certificate, each assessment must be taken in a supervised setting. Priority given to High School Completion and Certificate program students. Open to the public on a space-available basis. Ongoing Enrollment.  No class 11/23/17 or 12/28/17.

The first step to taking this class is to request a meeting with our student advisor. Call Ellsworth Adult Education at 207.664.7110, email or stop by our office located in the Mill Mall.

Beekeeping - Beginners


with Peter Cowin

Calendar Oct 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm, runs for 3 weeks

This class is designed to stimulate interest and questions about beekeeping as a hobby or to help with pollination. It covers what is needed, where to locate bee hives, where to buy them, what it costs and how to care for bees so they survive the winter. Many join the class because they are aware of the huge importance and decline of honeybees and other pollinators and just want to help. Learn about the fascinating hobby of beekeeping, pollinate your garden and grow your own honey! Makeup class (if needed) 11/13/17.

Peter Cowin is President of the Penobscot County Beekeepers' Association and writes a monthly column "The Bee Whisper's Diary" in the Bangor Daily News. Makeup class (if needed) 11/13/17.


Beekeeping - Intermediate


with Peter Cowin

Calendar Nov 20, 2017 at 6:30 am, runs for 3 weeks

This class is designed to look in more detail at key aspects of beekeeping, particularly helpful to those who wish to run several hives and get the most out of them. The course is a good follow-on from the beginner’s course. Building up hive strength, swarm prevention, splitting hives, making nucs, disease prevention, feral colony relocation and honey production are all covered.  Makeup class (if needed) 12/11/17.

Peter Cowin is President of the Penobscot County Beekeepers' Association and writes a monthly column "The Bee Whisper's Diary" in the Bangor Daily News. 


Cake Decorating: Decorating with Icing!


with Vanessa Young

Calendar Oct 4, 2017 at 6 pm, runs for 6 weeks

Decorating with Icing! This cake workshop is packed full of everything from cake preparation to creating the perfect icing. In this class, you will learn new skills and leave with a dazzling new repertoire of decorating techniques to show your friends and family. You will learn: tricks to bake great cakes; learn to correctly level, torte, fill and stack cakes like a professional; how to prepare Butter Cream and Royal icing, the difference between the two and when to properly use each; techniques including filling cupcakes, cake transfers, texturing cakes, and icing tinting and striping; how to take the mystery out of drop flowers, roses, ribbon roses, cake borders, dimensional piping and more; how to create leaves and stems for beautiful floral sprays.  Makeup class (if needed) 11/15/17.

Vanessa is the owner of Cookie Nook Bakery, and is certified in ServSafe and as a Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor.   

Course materials cost around $50.00 and are available for purchase online, at Jo-Ann Fabrics or AC Moore in Bangor, and Shirley’s Yarns & Crafts in Hancock (10% discount for Adult Ed students).  

Materials Needed:

Decorating Tips #1, 1M, 2, 2D, 3, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 59s, 104, 230, 233, 352, 366 (tip numbers based on Wilton brand products);

9” tapered spatula; Disposable decorating bags (minimum of 20);

Flower template stickers;

6 Couplers (either standard or Twist Quick decorating couplers);

1.5” flower nail & lily nail;

Decorating brush (like a small paint brush);

Decorating icing (1st class only) - (stiff or medium consistency);

Icing colors-Wilton gel type recommended;


Parchment paper or wax paper;


3-4 bowls for mixing icing colors;

Box or cake caddy (as needed to carry home finished products).

Feel free to contact the instructor with any questions at 207.460.4236 or


Full Course
Career Advising
Registration Unavailable

Career Advising


with Ann Sargent

Calendar Sep 5, 2017 , runs for 22 weeks

Many people thinking about a change in their lives don’t know where to start. Veteran career advisor Annie Sargent will share available resources, identify opportunities and assist you in taking concrete steps toward achieving your goals. Services include academic, employment and technology assessments; producing a resume; preparing for a job interview, and much more. These individualized sessions will provide you with the support you need to navigate your new life ahead in a sensitive, confidential and informal environment.

Please contact Ellsworth Adult Education for more information.


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